HRM Steampunk Symposium

Traveling to the HRM Steampunk Symposium as I write this missive. Will be teaching two classes while there… Absinthe, History and Ritual… and TeslaPunk 101 with Jeff McDaniel.

Assuming I can get WiFi at the Queen Mary, I will upload the class presentations…


Salt City Steamfest

Had a fantastic time with the crew of the Aethership Emissary this weekend as we traveled through as dimensional rift to the Port City of Gadir al-Sama that orbits this strange rift.  While we resided there, the fine scientific members of the “Forge” graciously invited me to present a panel on “Reanimation 101: Breathing life into your Steampunk Builds”.  For your edification, I present the educational materials I used during this panel in the Resources section of this site.



Managed to finish the AetherHarp just in time for the Salt City Steamfest event!  I’m pretty happy with the results… its a 128 voice digital instrument with 12 capacitive touch sensitive keys and a special “secret key” to activate the instruments command mode allowing it to be configured by the advance user.


Canine Ambulatory Vocal Encoder (C.A.V.E. Unit)

Again as part of my catching up, I am posting the write up on the Canine Ambulatory Vocal Encoder (C.A.V.E. Unit).  The CAVE unit was obviously inspired by the movie UP, I wanted to give our dogs the ability to vocalize their innermost thoughts… and so the CAVE was born.  Angus

Now given that a collar implementation was outside the scope of my miniaturization skills at the time… I opted for a backpack instead.   I was also fascinated with audio transducers at the time… and decided to build this unit WITHOUT A SPEAKER… and instead made the entire styrofoam body of the unit into a sound radiating body by using a transducer to vibrate the entire unit!   As a result the speech emanates from the body of the dog without a discernible source!

For more see the writeup of the Canine Ambulatory Vocal Encoder (C.A.V.E. Unit).



Aether Staff


Just catching up on my delinquent build documentation… Back in Dec 2013 I built this staff for our trip out to the Queen Mary, but I failed to post my usual documentation.. as a part of my cleanup of the Phantasmagorium… here it is!  (You can find it under “Inventions” in the menu above too)

Aether Staff Mark I


Basic Electronics Laboratory Shopping List

So in preparation for a class I am teaching at the Salt City Steamfest entitled “Reanimation 101: Bringing your Steampunk builds to life!” I have drafted a basic shopping list for people who also want to create their own Mad Science labs!  This document gives a basic set of starting equipment, and most importantly specific brands, prices and sources where to buy them.  Of course it will likely out of date the day after I publish it, but I sure wish somebody had done this for me to keep me from buying a bunch of crap before learning what I really needed!

Basic Electronic Shopping List.pdf


Phoenix Comicon 2014

Whew!  Back from the Con… wow!  A good time was had by all… My Honey was a smash with her wings!… literally!  Can’t tell you can many people she slammed with her wings on the trade floor!   Problem with that 14′ wing span and outfit is that we would get about 3 yards and then stop for another picture and snap them back open, while decapitating some small child in the process!

Of course the lovely Penny Pretty/Penny Black was the focus of much attention as well… almost as much as her dog Dolche!   And then our two Steampunk Samurai companions garnered their fair share of attention as well!

I of course performed my Bag carrying duties flawlessly!

The new Aether Epaulettes on both mine and my darlings outfits performed well, glowing and dancing with light… I was quite the eye strain at the steam punk ball with 4 different devices all flashing merrily away!

Also, Jeff invited me to join him on a Teslapunk panel on Sunday evening… and we had a packed house, there was actually a line to get in once all the seats were taken!  It was rather impromptu, but I think it was very well received based upon the line of people asking questions afterword… gonna have to do more steampunk panels/classes I think!

OK, now back in the lab!  Lots of ideas and too little time!


A New Art of Self Defense

So while doing some basic research into 19th century martial arts, I was trying to get some good (unadulterated) information about Bartitsu, and the transcribed/reinterpreted crap available online was really beginning to annoy, so I took the time to track down the original publications in a good high quality scan and assemble it into a single downloadable resource (PDF).  Here is a link to the 5 articles as a single PDF published by E.W. Barton-Wright in Pearson’s Magazine in 1899 and 1901:



SteamCon V

Well SteamCon V was a blast!  We had alot of fun, the dancing was good, merchants was perhaps a bit thin for an event this big, but selection was good.  Abney Park and Prof Elemental were great!  Lots of new ideas and the two day driver there and back gave Kay, Brent and myself plenty of time to plan and scheme!  I also scored a wonderful pair of steeplejacks and a pinkerton vest from LastWear and a red leather Coat and Tails from Pendragon!  Woo Hoo!